Integrative Medical Treatments For Migraines


Migraines can be hard to deal with. They can come out of nowhere, ruining your day with not only headache symptoms, but also nausea, vision changes, and exhaustion. If you struggle with migraines, you may find that prescription medications only do so much. It's therefore a good idea to see a doctor who takes an integrative approach, working alternative and natural therapies into their practice. Here are some of the integrative medical treatments they may recommend.

27 September 2022

CBD Products For A Dog With Anxiety


Did you rescue a dog who came from an abusive home and they have bad anxiety? If you have had your dog for a while and they still have not gotten used to living with you, you should try to find ways to calm their anxiety. If you do not want to medicate your pet, there is a natural method to calming down anxiety. For example, you can invest in CBD products that are designed for dogs and are useful for creating the sense of calmness.

12 August 2022

Somatic Attachment Therapy: A Whole-Body Answer For Trauma


Mental health care focuses primarily on the mind. In many ways, this makes sense since thoughts and feelings originate in the brain. However, human bodies are complex. Somatic attachment theory states that trauma may be stored in a person's cells, affecting their entire body, which means that brain-based treatments may not be sufficient. Somatic attachment therapy allows therapists to treat patients' entire selves. These are some ways that somatic attachment therapy can help you to recover from trauma:

11 July 2022

3 Easy Steps To Keep Your Spine Healthy


Keeping your spine healthy is not as difficult as you may think! With just a few easy steps, you can help to keep your spine in good condition and avoid pain and other health problems. This article discusses three easy steps that you can take to maintain spinal health.  Get Adjustments Regularly The spine is an amazing feat of engineering, and it's no wonder that it's often compared to a suspension bridge.

3 June 2022

Reconnective Healing: What Is It, And Should You Try It?


Incorporating alternative healing methods into your traditional healthcare needs can be a great way to manage your healthy lifestyle and feel better about yourself. Also known as CAM, or complementary and alternative medicine, any alternative healing technique can be used alone or with traditional or science-based medicine to help you lead your best life. What is reconnective healing? If you are wanting to learn about new techniques for care and want to know more about your options, then learn what reconnective healing is, how it can benefit you, and where you can find a reconnective healing practitioner.

27 April 2022

FAQs People Often Have Before A Usui Reiki Session


If you are looking for a natural way to help your body heal, you may want to consider a Usui Reiki session with a trained Usui Reiki healer. This treatment modality is quiet, intuitive, and individualized, meaning that each person gets a chance to experience healing in their own way. However, as incredible as Reiki can be, many patients still have some questions before their first session. The following are a few of those questions.

1 April 2022

Buying And Using A Hemp Pain Relief Salve


Hemp, and its key active compound, CBD, have become quite a common choice for pain relief over the past few years. While people often take CBD orally or vape it for pain relief, you can also find topical hemp salves that are good for relieving muscle and nerve pain. If this is something you're thinking of trying, then check out the following advice for buying and using a hemp pain relief salve.

21 March 2022

3 Styles Of Energy Healing Worth Trying


All forms of energy healing operate under the same basic premise. The goal is to alter and improve the flow of energy through your body in a way that allows your body to naturally heal itself. If you're struggling with chronic pain, depression, digestive distress, or any other ongoing ailment, you may want to give energy healing a try. But what style of energy healing should you opt for? Here are three good options.

21 March 2022

A Beginner's Guide To CBD Tinctures


Are you interested in CBD (cannabidiol) tinctures? If you are, you should know that experts use high CBD hemp strains and high-proof alcohol to make these extracts. In addition, CBD tinctures have low CBD potency, a long shelf-life, and higher bioavailability than most other alternatives, including CBD oils. That is why many users today prefer them. Moreover, these extracts can help you treathealth issues like anxiety, insomnia, migraines, chronic pain, and inflammatory conditions.

7 March 2022

When Should You "Upgrade" From CBD To Delta-8


The world of cannabinoids is expanding so quickly! A few years ago, CBD became widely available, and many people began using it to manage their mental and physical symptoms. More recently, a lot of the vendors who have been selling CBD have begun to sell Delta-8 as well. This milder form of THC can also be useful for therapeutic purposes. But when might you want to "upgrade" from using CBD to using Delta-8?

28 February 2022