Buying And Using A Hemp Pain Relief Salve


Hemp, and its key active compound, CBD, have become quite a common choice for pain relief over the past few years. While people often take CBD orally or vape it for pain relief, you can also find topical hemp salves that are good for relieving muscle and nerve pain. If this is something you're thinking of trying, then check out the following advice for buying and using a hemp pain relief salve.

Choosing a Hemp Pain Relief Salve

Chances are, you have several different brands and preparations of hemp pain relief salve available to you. Here are some tips for choosing one.

Look for a high potency. In an oral product, a high potency may be less ideal since it makes it easier to take too much CBD. But with topical products, you need a high concentration since not all of the CBD will be absorbed through the skin. It's not common to see 3,000 mg hemp salves. Buy a salve with the highest potency you can find.

Look for natural ingredients. In addition to the hemp extract, the salves contain some sort of moisturizing base. Make sure this base is prepared with gentle, natural ingredients, such as coconut oil or shea butter. This way, you don't have to worry about the salve irritating your skin or smelling too strongly of chemical perfumes.

Choose a tube over a tub. If possible, look for a salve that comes in a tube, rather than a tub. This makes it easier to dispense what you need without contaminating a whole jar of product with your fingers. 

Using a Hemp Pain Relief Salve

The first time you use the salve, start with a little. Within a half hour or so, you should have an idea of how much pain relief you get from that amount. If you need more pain relief, use a little more salve the next time. You should only have to apply the salve every couple of hours. Reapply when you start to notice the pain creeping back in.

Make sure you apply the hemp salve to clean, dry skin. The CBD will absorb better into skin that has recently been cleaned since it won't have as many natural oils on it. Washing your skin with warm water will open up your pores so they can absorb the CBD better.

Hemp pain relief salves work well for many people. Follow the advice above to use this salve yourself.  

If you're looking to try a hemp pain relief salve, consider starting with a 2 oz natural hemp pain relief salve.


21 March 2022

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