Reconnective Healing: What Is It, And Should You Try It?


Incorporating alternative healing methods into your traditional healthcare needs can be a great way to manage your healthy lifestyle and feel better about yourself. Also known as CAM, or complementary and alternative medicine, any alternative healing technique can be used alone or with traditional or science-based medicine to help you lead your best life.

What is reconnective healing? If you are wanting to learn about new techniques for care and want to know more about your options, then learn what reconnective healing is, how it can benefit you, and where you can find a reconnective healing practitioner. This way, you can move forward with your healthcare needs and know all your options. Always consult with your general doctor before doing any alternative health treatments, especially if you are using these treatments as an alternative to prescription medication or other treatments.

What is reconnective healing?

reconnective healing may be confused with reiki healing, as both processes of healing require energy to heal from within. However, what reconnective healing does is this: the process allows a patient to reach out into the energy fields (also known as biofields) around them to receive the energy they need for healing a variety of ailments or issues. There is no touch from the reconnective healing practitioner in a healing session. Rather, the energies around a patient are recognized and then utilized to help speed and initiate healing overall.

Often, reconnective healing is used in conjunction with physical therapy to help increase the range of motion in a patient. Some people claim to feel heat, vibrations, pulsing, or even involuntary body movements like eye twitching or other movements when receiving a reconnective healing treatment during a session.

reconnective healing is believed to be a healing technique that can align people to the energies around them and can aid in mental and emotional balance as well. The subtle use of energy for healing purposes is the goal of reconnective healing overall.

Should you try reconnective healing?

If you want to incorporate energy healing into your treatment plan, then reconnective healing may be right for you. It should not be used as a stand-alone treatment unless recommended by your doctor. You can find a licensed and trained reconnective healing practitioner by asking your doctor for a referral or looking online. Find a practitioner who has experience in energy healing as well as other alternative practices for the best results in your experience. In some cases, healing can be completed in a single session, although it may take more than one session to get complete results.

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27 April 2022

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