FAQs People Often Have Before A Usui Reiki Session


If you are looking for a natural way to help your body heal, you may want to consider a Usui Reiki session with a trained Usui Reiki healer. This treatment modality is quiet, intuitive, and individualized, meaning that each person gets a chance to experience healing in their own way. However, as incredible as Reiki can be, many patients still have some questions before their first session. The following are a few of those questions.

What sets Usui Reiki apart from other Reiki?

Usui Reiki is simply one specific style of Reiki that was developed by a professional named Dr. Usui. Reiki existed prior to the development of Dr. Usui's methods, but he developed more of a unified healing system that practitioners could be trained to use. As such, much of the Reiki that is performed today can be considered Usui Reiki. Even practitioners who don't advertise that they offer Usui Reiki likely use Dr. Usui's practices and protocols to some degree. There are other Reiki modalities, and they can surely be beneficial, but they are not as widely practiced.

What does the healer actually do?

You've probably seen Reiki sessions in which the practitioner holds their hands inches away from the patient. What are they actually doing when their hands are in this position? They're allowing energy to flow between them and their patient. In this way, they are able to use their own energy field to impact the energy field of their patient. Modifying the patient's energy field allows the patient's body to begin healing.

What does Usui Reiki feel like?

People often describe Reiki healing as feeling relaxing. They may describe the session as making them feel warm and positive. Some say they experience a little tingling when the energy is being transferred between them and their healer, but this experience is not universal, and if you do not feel tingling, that does not mean the Reiki is not working. All in all, Reiki is comfortable and will never cause any damage. Some very ill patients may see a minor increase in symptoms immediately after their healing session. This is a response to the body's filtering out of toxins, which occurs post-treatment. This sensation of fatigue and malaise usually passes within a few hours, especially if you rest.

Now that you know a little more about Usui Reiki, you can head into your session feeling confident and prepared.

Consider contacting an organization that offers Usui Reiki classes to learn more. 


1 April 2022

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