Buying And Using A Hemp Pain Relief Salve


Hemp, and its key active compound, CBD, have become quite a common choice for pain relief over the past few years. While people often take CBD orally or vape it for pain relief, you can also find topical hemp salves that are good for relieving muscle and nerve pain. If this is something you're thinking of trying, then check out the following advice for buying and using a hemp pain relief salve.

21 March 2022

3 Styles Of Energy Healing Worth Trying


All forms of energy healing operate under the same basic premise. The goal is to alter and improve the flow of energy through your body in a way that allows your body to naturally heal itself. If you're struggling with chronic pain, depression, digestive distress, or any other ongoing ailment, you may want to give energy healing a try. But what style of energy healing should you opt for? Here are three good options.

21 March 2022

A Beginner's Guide To CBD Tinctures


Are you interested in CBD (cannabidiol) tinctures? If you are, you should know that experts use high CBD hemp strains and high-proof alcohol to make these extracts. In addition, CBD tinctures have low CBD potency, a long shelf-life, and higher bioavailability than most other alternatives, including CBD oils. That is why many users today prefer them. Moreover, these extracts can help you treathealth issues like anxiety, insomnia, migraines, chronic pain, and inflammatory conditions.

7 March 2022

When Should You "Upgrade" From CBD To Delta-8


The world of cannabinoids is expanding so quickly! A few years ago, CBD became widely available, and many people began using it to manage their mental and physical symptoms. More recently, a lot of the vendors who have been selling CBD have begun to sell Delta-8 as well. This milder form of THC can also be useful for therapeutic purposes. But when might you want to "upgrade" from using CBD to using Delta-8?

28 February 2022

CBD for Anxiety: What to Know Before Your First Purchase


Anxiety is an issue that many people live with on a daily basis. Though there are prescription medications available, some people may not be able to obtain them, afford them, or may not want them. For some people, this means choosing a CBD alternative that can help with anxiety and its related symptoms. If you are considering CBD for your anxiety, here are a few things to consider about how it may help and how it may work for reducing your symptoms.

8 February 2022

Understanding Keloids And How To Use Natural Creams To Prevent And Treat The Scarring


Keloids form when you suffer skin injuries like tears and burns. After an injury, a protective layer of hard tissue forms over it and covers it from bacteria and other harmful environmental factors. When the wound heals, the tissue will slowly regenerate, and the skin will look like it did before the damage. On the other hand, sometimes extra tissue forms on the wound and leads to hard growths called keloids.

28 January 2022

Convenient Healing: Reiki For Everyone


Reiki, a form of energy healing that originated in Japan, is an effective treatment used by practitioners all over the world to bring healing and rejuvenation to those in need. Those who are curious about the benefits of what reiki can offer can find a multitude of resources that explain the techniques used. Luckily, there are also easy ways to receive the benefits of reiki. Read on to learn a few ways that you can use reiki, even from the comfort of your own home.

19 January 2022

Using Clary Sage Essential Oil For Aromatherapy


There are many varieties of sage. Many are used in cooking, but one in particular — clary sage — is often used to make essential oils. The oils extracted from the sage have their scent, and they can be used therapeutically. Usually, they are used for aromatherapy. Here are the key things you need to know if you're considering using clary sage essential oil for aromatherapy yourself. What are the benefits of clary sage?

5 January 2022

Good CBD Products For Those Who Prefer Small Doses


One of the unique things about using CBD is that doses vary so widely from person to person. Some people need 10 mg or 20 mg in order to experience the effects they desire. Others need less. If you're someone who does best on a really low dose of CBD, such as 5 mg, then you'll want to think about the products you select. Some products make it easier to take such a small amount than others.

20 December 2021

Helpful Tips For Buying CBD Flower For The First Time


If you are interested in trying CBD flower for its positive effects, you might be in the market to purchase it. Many people are more than a little overwhelmed when shopping for CBD flower for the first time, so it's definitely understandable if you aren't sure of what you want yet. Shopping for CBD flower for the first time does not have to be stressful or confusing with the help of this simple guide.

14 December 2021