3 Styles Of Energy Healing Worth Trying


All forms of energy healing operate under the same basic premise. The goal is to alter and improve the flow of energy through your body in a way that allows your body to naturally heal itself. If you're struggling with chronic pain, depression, digestive distress, or any other ongoing ailment, you may want to give energy healing a try. But what style of energy healing should you opt for? Here are three good options.


Reiki is a Japanese energy healing modality. It is done in conjunction with a trained reiki healer. To receive a reiki treatment, you will begin by lying down on a treatment table. The healer will then place their hands over your body, but without touching you. The energy will flow through the healer's hands and to your own body, altering your energy pathways. Healers study various hand movement techniques in order to improve their abilities. People often find reiki very relaxing, and it works well for mental ailments like depression and anxiety.

Crystal Healing

Those who prefer more independent, at-home treatments often opt for crystal healing. This modality involves the use of various stones and crystals to alter the flow of energy through your body. Some crystals are said to be excitement-driven, raising your energy levels. Others are relaxing, lowering your energy levels. Crystal healing can involve wearing various crystals as jewelry, setting them around your home, or even allowing them to rest on your body at various times of day.

Quantum Healing

This form of energy healing operates under the principle that energetic vibrations throughout your body affect the function of its systems. It is done under the guidance of a practitioner, who aims to alter your vibrations with various breathing patterns and visualizations of energy movement. The goal, often, is to alter the function of your immune system in ways that make it better able to fight disease. This healing modality can also be helpful for those with autoimmune disorders. In this case, the goal will be to calm down the immune system and make it less reactive to your own body's cells.

If you are curious about energy healing, it's worth giving it a try. While it is more effective for some patients than for others, it doesn't have any negative side effects to be worried about, and it is generally quite affordable. Consider the modalities above, and pick the one that appeals to you the most.


21 March 2022

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