When Should You "Upgrade" From CBD To Delta-8


The world of cannabinoids is expanding so quickly! A few years ago, CBD became widely available, and many people began using it to manage their mental and physical symptoms. More recently, a lot of the vendors who have been selling CBD have begun to sell Delta-8 as well. This milder form of THC can also be useful for therapeutic purposes. But when might you want to "upgrade" from using CBD to using Delta-8? Here are a few situations in which it's wise to do so.

You want to feel more relaxed.

CBD can help you feel more relaxed and at-ease, especially when you suffer from anxiety. But sometimes, it may not be enough. You might take it but still feel a little worried or on-edge. If you're in this situation and feel like you could use a little more help taking the edge off, then it may be time to try Delta-8. Since Delta-8 is slightly psychoactive, it tends to have a more powerful relaxing effect than CBD. Note that it should not make you feel completely couch-locked like you would if you were to use the more typical Delta-9 THC. As long as you use Delta-8 sparingly, you should feel relaxed and chill without feeling overly tired. (That's why so many people love Delta-8 so much!)

You have a neurological condition.

Cannabinoids have been found to be really effective at managing the symptoms of neurological conditions, such as MS and Parkinson's disease. CBD can help ease symptoms for some, but other patients find that Delta-8 is more effective. So, if you have a neurological condition, it is worth trying Delta-8. Even if you get decent effects from CBD, you may want to try Delta-8 once or twice just to see if it might deliver you even more relief.

You're managing chronic pain.

Chronic pain can be difficult to manage. While CBD can go a long way, you may be experiencing some breakthrough pain. Taking Delta-8 is a good way to manage this pain. You can even take it together with CBD for enhanced pain relief. Delta-8 is especially good at relieving muscle pain since it helps relax the muscles, thereby easing any tension that has been making your pain worse.

Different cannabinoids work well for different people. Delta-8 is not for everyone, and neither is CBD. If you've been trying CBD and thinking of upgrading to Delta-8 edibles, go for it.


28 February 2022

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