Understanding Keloids And How To Use Natural Creams To Prevent And Treat The Scarring


Keloids form when you suffer skin injuries like tears and burns. After an injury, a protective layer of hard tissue forms over it and covers it from bacteria and other harmful environmental factors. When the wound heals, the tissue will slowly regenerate, and the skin will look like it did before the damage. On the other hand, sometimes extra tissue forms on the wound and leads to hard growths called keloids. They might be bigger than the scar and develop on any body part.

How to Tell You Have These Raised Scars

The first sign is an abnormally large growth spreading over an area where you had a wound. You might notice a localized area with the color of flesh but with a red or pink hue. The scar could also be lumpy and raised skin over the original wound. Sometimes, it will start as an itchy skin patch and grow consistently over the wound. The scars cannot harm your health, but they might be uncomfortable to live with, and they itch sometimes.

Preventing the Formation

It is hard to get a hundred percent success in protecting yourself from burns, falls, and all other physical injuries that lead to scarring. However, even if you get injured, you can still care for the wound without developing the scar. Applying heat and silicone pads to the area naturally and gently helps prevent the keloid scar. Additionally, it is advisable to rub the wound with home remedies believed to stop the formation of the scar tissue. Remember that when you over-expose the keloid scar to the sun, it forms a discoloration that makes it stand out more.

Home Remedies for Keloids

Most people will have a challenge dealing with keloid scars, especially when they appear on sensitive and visible parts. For example, sometimes, a large lump might develop behind the ear from a piercing, interfering with the intended original beauty. There are some home remedies people believe work in shrinking the keloid scar. The keloid treatments usually have a moisturizing oil that keeps the skin moist and prevents further growth. The doctor could also recommend treatment with silicone pads, which shrink it.

You do not have to go into surgery to remove your keloid scars. Speak to a healthcare expert about the possibility of getting a cream that shrinks the keloids and smooths out the skin. They are an easy and non-invasive option.


28 January 2022

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