Convenient Healing: Reiki For Everyone


Reiki, a form of energy healing that originated in Japan, is an effective treatment used by practitioners all over the world to bring healing and rejuvenation to those in need. Those who are curious about the benefits of what reiki can offer can find a multitude of resources that explain the techniques used. Luckily, there are also easy ways to receive the benefits of reiki. Read on to learn a few ways that you can use reiki, even from the comfort of your own home.


Charged candles can be a convenient and effective way to receive reiki healing when you need it most. Perhaps you have a sore wrist from painting a project over the weekend; this would be a perfect opportunity to use a healing reiki candle! Light a reiki-charged candle for healing and find a quiet place to sit or lay down. Imagine the healing light of energy entering your body, sometimes visualized as a white, yellow, or green hue. Imagine this light cradling what needs to be healed, slowly enveloping itself around your wrist. Some may experience a sense of warmth as this happens, which is completely normal. As with any candle use, just be sure to have a fireproof container on hand at all times for your safety. 


Another way that you can receive the healing benefits of reiki is through sound. Music and tones that are infused with the energies of reiki can have a profound effect on those who listen to them with an open heart. Perhaps you are experiencing a stressful situation at work and have some difficulty winding down in the evening. This would be a great time to sit comfortably on your couch and play music that will promote reiki healing. Let the tones of the voices and ambient sounds that you hear enter your mind without opposition, fully engrossing yourself in the sound for the greatest benefit. Just don't be surprised if what you hear relaxes you so much you fall asleep!


While these practices can help you receive the benefits of reiki from the comfort of your home, there's nothing that can compare to a reiki session with a certified practitioner. Do research to see who is in your area that is both reputable and convenient to reach. Expect the practitioner to use a palm technique that will likely be done without physical contact. Often, practitioners will include soothing music, pleasant aromas, and the inclusion of healing crystals in the room. Seeking the treatment of a reiki practitioner can also lead to a deeper discussion about why you are in need of treatment and can give advice on steps towards a healthier and more beneficial future. 

For more information about reiki healing, contact a local service, such as Organic Reverence.


19 January 2022

Taking the Natural Road

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