Good CBD Products For Those Who Prefer Small Doses


One of the unique things about using CBD is that doses vary so widely from person to person. Some people need 10 mg or 20 mg in order to experience the effects they desire. Others need less. If you're someone who does best on a really low dose of CBD, such as 5 mg, then you'll want to think about the products you select. Some products make it easier to take such a small amount than others. Here are a few CBD products that are particularly well suited for those who prefer small, well-controlled doses.

CBD Capsules

If you prefer to swallow your CBD, then look for capsules over tinctures or oils. With tinctures and oils, you usually administer the substance with a dropper. It's easy to accidentally squeeze one more drop than you intended. If you're someone who takes larger amounts of CBD, that may not be a big deal, but if you're someone who really only wants a 3 mg or 5 mg dose, it can be. Capsules come with a precise, pre-measured amount of CBD in them. You swallow one, just like you would a pill. While many companies do make higher-dose CBD capsules, there are brands that make 1, 2, 3, and 5 mg ones for low-dose users, too. 

Pump-Dispense Lotions

If you like to use CBD topically, then you know how hard it is to control your dose when using this route! A little more lotion than you intended to use, and suddenly, you've used 10 mg not the 5 mg you wanted. Luckily, CBD companies make some lotions in controlled-dispense containers for low-dose users like you. Push the pump down on the container, and you get a pre-set amount of lotion every time. This takes the guesswork out of topical application and makes it easier to apply small amounts.

CBD Chocolate Bars

CBD chocolate bars are another good choice for those who want to take small amounts of CBD orally. Most chocolate bars contain a larger amount of CBD if you were to eat the entire bar. But they also tend to be pre-divided into squares, and the box should tell you how much CBD is in each square. It should be a small amount, often only 5 mg, allowing you to take a low dose as long as you stick to one square per use.

Everyone doses their CBD differently. If you prefer a small dose, there are products out there that can make this easier.


20 December 2021

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