FAQs People Have Before Beginning Psych-K Healing


Psych-k is a whole-mind healing protocol that seeks to change your subconscious mind and transform your limiting beliefs. It can be really helpful for people with treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other mental health struggles. However, most people have a few questions they'd like answered before they begin using psych-k for healing.

How does Psych-k work?

The best way to describe psych-k is as a kind of hypnosis. The practitioner works to put you into a susceptible state of mind. Once you're in this state, they are able to use suggestions and statements to slowly change the way you think and re-route your neural pathways. They may also apply pressure to your head and body at various times as a way of reinforcing certain beliefs. Psych-k is a combination of psychology and neurology. Rather than healing your mind directly, it stimulates your mind to heal itself.

Is Psych-k safe?

Yes! There are no pharmaceuticals or chemicals used in the Psych-k treatments. This makes psych-k a really safe option, even for those who have reacted poorly to typical mental health medications in the past. 

How long does it take patients to see results?

Most patients notice that their limiting beliefs tend to dissipate and their mental health starts to improve after just one Psych-k session. However, many people do choose to undergo a series of sessions in order to enhance their results. You might have a couple of sessions a few days or weeks apart to jump-start your healing and then continue with private sessions once every month or two to keep your healing progressing. You can customize the schedule and frequency of treatments to meet your needs.

Does Psych-k work for all patients?

Psych-k works best for people who are motivated and ready to take charge of their lives. The more motivated the patient is, the more likely they are to experience results. That being said, if you need healing but are not mentally ready to take this step, a few more traditional therapy sessions may get you into a more positive mindset, allowing psych-k to be more effective when you decide to try it. 

Now that you know a little more about psych-k, you can register for a session. This is a very safe way of addressing your underlying and limiting beliefs so that true healing can begin. After your first session, you will have a reliable, experience-based idea of what the process involves.


10 November 2021

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