Does Your Dog Have Separation Anxiety? 2 Tips To Help Them


If you have a dog that has anxiety every time you leave the house, this can cause problems with them and be hard on you. They may chew on things in your home, but this can also cause some health problems with your dog. Fortunately, you can help your dog with this problem in many ways, two of which are listed below.


CBD is part of the marijuana plant but not the part that makes someone feel high. Instead, it is the part of the plant that is used for medical purposes and more. You can use CBD to help treat your dog for anxiety, and it should help. You can do this in many ways. One is placing the CBD oil into your dog's mouth, or you can use a dropper to get the CBD oil in its mouth. If your dog will tolerate this, then this is a great way to do this.  

If your dog will not take CBD directly, mix it in with a small amount of wet food that they like. Your dog would never know it was there. There are also pet CBD treats that you can purchase for your dog. It will take longer for this to work, as the CBD will not go directly into your dog through these treats. 


Exercise is great for your dog in many ways, including helping them with their separation anxiety. This also allows you to have bonding time with your dog. Try to take your dog on a long walk or play with them outside to keep them active. You will also get exercise if you do this. Talk to your dog while you are walking or playing with them in an upbeat voice.

Endorphins are released into the brain when humans or animals exercise. The endorphins will help your dog feel happier and much more relaxed. This way they can rest while you are gone and not think about being alone. To help even more, you could leave a television on low or have music playing, as this can be calming to them also. 

If your dog continues to have separation anxiety, take them to a veterinarian. There may be anti-anxiety medications the veterinarian can give you to your dog. The veterinarian can also give your dog a good checkup to ensure there is nothing physically wrong with it that can add to their anxiety problems. 


21 October 2021

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