CBD Products That Are Great For Parties


CBD is not typically thought of as a party drug. However, it can be a great thing to offer when you have some guests over and you want to help everyone relax a little. You probably won't want to offer your guests CBD tincture or oil, though. Instead, you may want to visit a CBD store and look for some of these fun, lighthearted products.

CBD Seltzer

Seltzer water has become really popular in recent years — both alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions. Now, some CBD stores have begun stocking seltzers that are infused with CBD. These are the perfect option for a party. You can put them out as an alternative to alcoholic drinks for the non-drinkers in the crowd. Or, you can offer CBD seltzers, only, as a way of having a sober but relaxing gathering. They come in fruity flavors that appeal to most tastes.

CBD Chocolate Bars

Who doesn't love chocolate? Well, a few people don't love chocolate, but the majority do. If you bring some CBD chocolate bars to a party, you can bet they'll disappear in a hurry. This is also a good CBD candy choice if you have vegans in the crowd. Most CBD gummy candies are made with gelatin, so they're not vegan, but chocolate is easy to make without animal products and many CBD companies do make it this way.


CBD tea may sound more like something you would enjoy on a quiet evening home alone. But you can easily dress it up and make it fit for a party! Brew a big batch of it, and add some honey, lemon, and ice to make iced tea. This is lovely to sip beside the pool or while you wait for your burgers to finish cooking on the grill. Just make sure everyone knows the iced tea contains CBD.

CBD Cookies

Another fun option is to serve CBD cookies for dessert. When you buy cookies at a CBD store, they usually come in packages of 5 or 10. So, make sure you read the packs and buy enough cookies for everyone who is attending. Allow two cookies per person, and buy some plain cookies that don't contain CBD for additional snacking.

CBD can be a great addition to a low-key party when everyone just wants to relax. Look for some of the CBD products above, and purchase the ones you find most appealing.


27 July 2021

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