Three Herbs To Help Ease Headache Pain


Headaches seem to pop up at the worst times. Often, they will go away in time if you rest and drink some water. But sometimes, you don't want to wait, and you need a little extra help fighting off a headache. Herbal medicine can help with that! Here are three particular herbs that can help ease a headache.

Coriander Seed

If you cook a lot, you may already have some coriander seed in your cabinet. This herb has a long tradition of use in the treatment of arthritis. However, since it works by alleviating inflammation, it can also be useful for easing headaches, which tend to be caused by inflammation putting pressure on the nerves. Try swallowing a small spoonful of coriander seed with water. If you find this flavor too strong and unpleasant, you can instead brew a tea by pouring hot water over coriander seed and letting it steep for 10 minutes. Strain out the seeds, add a little honey, and sip your hot beverage.

Lavender Oil

If you think that your headaches may be caused or made worse by stress, then lavender is the herb you want to reach for. It has natural relaxing properties, and by relaxing you, it can also help ease a headache. If you have lavender on hand, you can always swallow a little or brew it into a tea. However, lavender also works well via aromatherapy. Pour hot water over some lavender, and inhale the nicely scented vapor. Alternatively, if you have some lavender oil, you can place a few drops on top of a bowl of hot water and enjoy the relaxing scent as it permeates the room.


Linden is an herbal remedy that is known to help calm herbs, ease tension, and promote sleep. So, if a headache is keeping you from falling asleep at night, this is a good herbal remedy to try. You can often find linden capsules at health food stores, and these are probably your best bet since linden works well when ingested. You may also see some linden tinctures, which you use by placing them under your tongue. These are a top choice if you need immediate relief; they can kick in within a few minutes.

Headache pain can get in the way of your day, but with the help of these herbs, it does not have to. Try linden, lavender, or coriander, and say goodbye to your headache pain.


16 July 2021

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