When Could You Benefit From Seeing a Holistic Nutritionist?


The word "holistic" refers to a practice that focuses on the individual as a whole, rather than as a set of symptoms or problems. Holistic nutritionists, then, are nutritionists who work with their clients to improve their diets and lifestyles to promote overall health and well-being. They tend to offer a variety of services, from assistance with family meal planning to diet evaluation. But when in life can you benefit from seeing a holistic nutritionist? Here are three key times you should consider seeing such a professional.

1. You're changing professions.

At first, you might think changing jobs won't change the way you eat and live. But even a schedule change can make it more challenging to stick with a healthy meal plan and diet. And if you go from a sedentary job to one that has you moving around all day, you'll want to adjust your diet to meet your changing needs. A holistic nutritionist can analyze your new lifestyle and job and make some recommendations for meal plans, eating schedules, and food swaps you can make to ensure your dietary needs are still being satisfied.

2. You're pregnant.

When you're pregnant, your nutrition needs change, but your appetite and food preferences also change. It can be really tough to balance your own cravings and preferences with the needs of your growing child! This is something a holistic nutritionist can really help with. They can recommend safe snacks for you to enjoy when you have morning sickness. They can present healthy alternatives to the junk food you're craving, and they can put together a low-effort meal plan that ensures your nutritional needs and those of your baby are being met.

3. Your kids start eating solid food.

Once your children start eating solid food, planning meals in your home will center around your kids' needs. It's important to ensure your own nutritional needs are being met, too! Holistic nutritionists are great at recommending meals that provide everything both kids and adults need. They can even accompany you to the grocery store to help you more healthfully shop for your growing family. Some will come to your home, go through your cabinets, and recommend healthier replacements for the foods you're currently eating.

While these are three great times to meet with a holistic nutritionist, you can really meet with one whenever you please. Learn more by contacting services like Dr. Robert J Lichtenstein, Board Certified Nurtrition Specialist.


24 June 2021

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