Vitamins To Include In Your IV Treatment If You Suffer From Headaches


One of the great things about IV vitamin treatments is that they can be customized. While most clinics have a few pre-mixed solutions they recommend to a lot of clients, they can sometimes customize the IV solution to meet your needs. You can ask for various vitamins to be added, based on your needs and preferences. If you are someone who suffers from headaches, here are three vitamins and minerals you may want to have included.

Vitamin B2

Also known as riboflavin, vitamin B2 plays an important role in cellular metabolism. If you do not have enough vitamin B2 in your diet, the deficiency can contribute to the development of headaches and even migraines. Since B2 is a water-soluble vitamin, your body will simply excrete any excess that you take in. So, there is little harm in supplementing with B2 even if you're not sure you're deficient. Adding it to your IV vitamin therapy solution may quickly put an end to your headaches if you have a B2 deficiency.


Magnesium is an electrolyte mineral that many people do not get enough of. When you don't have enough magnesium in your diet, you can deal with feelings of depression, which can contribute to headaches. A deficiency of magnesium can also contribute to long-lasting, low-key dehydration. Magnesium oral supplements can lead to loose stool, but this is much less of an issue when you have an IV treatment with magnesium since the mineral does not have to pass through the digestive tract. This makes magnesium a good choice to include in your IV.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C plays so many different roles in the body. It's best known for its role in immunity, but recently, some people have been taking it for headaches. Taking vitamin C may also help ease headaches that are related to allergies and sinus pressure since it can support the immune system and thereby help ease allergies. Include some vitamin C in your IV treatment. Even if it only gives you marginal relief from headaches, it has all sorts of other benefits such as helping to protect against colds and supporting gum health.

Headaches can be a pain to deal with! While you should certainly see your doctor about headaches, there is no harm in trying IV nutrient therapy to ease headaches and manage your health. A solution with vitamin B2, vitamin C, and magnesium can help.

For more information, reach out to a treatment center that offers IV vitamin therapy.  


14 June 2021

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