Orange Punch: A Great Strain For New Users


There are so many different strains of cannabis these days. Picking one that's perfect for your needs can be tough! It really depends on the benefits you're seeking and how much cannabis experience you have. If you are a newer user, you will probably want a different strain than someone who has used it regularly for years. One strain that new users tend to really like is called Orange Punch. Here are a few reasons why Orange Punch is great for those new to cannabis.

Its smoke has a great flavor

When you're new to cannabis, the smoke can seem a bit harsh. What you might not realize right away is that different strains have different flavors and qualities. Some strains do generate pretty harsh smoke, but not Orange Punch. The smoke is milder than most. It has an almost sweet, punch-like quality with hints of citrus flavor. This makes Orange Citrus inviting to cannabis beginners and anyone else who can't handle strong, overly skunky smoke.

It's an indica-dominant hybrid

Indica strains tend to make you feel more relaxed and at ease. Sativa strains tend to give more of an energizing head high. For new users, though, sativas can sometimes lead to a little anxiety and paranoia. For this reason, new users often fare better with indica-dominant strains. That's exactly what Orange Punch is. While it is a hydrid with some sativa genetics, it is much more on the indica side, and therefore less likely to cause anxious thoughts.

It's affordable

Orange Punch is a fairly easy strain to grow, especially commercially. Its buds are very dense, which makes them easy to harvest, cure, and transport. As a result of all this, Orange Punch tends to be affordably priced, which makes it a good choice for new users who aren't ready to splurge.

It's versatile

Some strains are really nice to smoke in bowls but not in rolling papers. Others vape well but don't smoke well. When you're a new user, you are typically still experimenting with smoking options to see what works for you. Orange Punch is a strain you can do this with. It smokes well in a variety of devices, and it's also suitable for vaping.

Orange Punch is a fairly popular strain and one you'll often see at dispensaries. If you are a newer cannabis user, this one is definitely worth trying. Contact a supplier, such as Cannarun, to place an order.


9 June 2021

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